Custom Cabinet Glass

Custom and patterned glass for cabinets offer a unique and personalized touch to interior design. Unlike standard clear glass, custom and patterned options provide an opportunity to tailor cabinets to individual tastes and complement the overall aesthetic of a space.

Custom Glass

Custom glass for cabinets allows for a one-of-a-kind design tailored to specific preferences.
Whether it's frosted, tinted, or textured, custom glass adds a personal touch to cabinetry, enhancing the overall style of a room.
This option opens up creative possibilities, enabling individuals to match the glass design with the interior decor or create a focal point within the space.

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass for cabinets introduces decorative elements that can range from subtle to bold.
These patterns can include textures, motifs, or geometric designs, adding visual interest and sophistication to the cabinetry.
Patterned glass can be chosen to complement the overall theme of a room, providing an elegant backdrop for displayed items while maintaining a level of privacy.

Stained Glass & Art Glass Supplies
kitchen cabinet with glass doors
Custom Cabinet Glass is your one-stop site for viewing, inquiring, and ordering custom glass inserts for your decorative needs.
We have the largest selection of clear textured glasses in the industry as well as over 1,500 styles of colored glasses available for a multitude of uses.
Rainbow Art Glass warehouses these glasses twelve months a year ensuring quick delivery times.
Whether it is through our extensive network of local dealers or direct shipments, you are sure to get the glass you desire at the right price.
Architectural inquiriies are welcome as our staff will help coordinate details for building applications.
Please feel free to contact us with any question or comments on how Rainbow can help you find that special glass for your custom cabinet glass project.
Saint Just Authentic Mouth Blown Glass
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Located at Saint-JustĀ® Saint-Rambert, in France, since 1826, with a rich and long heritage, Saint-JustĀ®, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Glass, carries on the tradition of the magical manufacturing of blown glass.
These unique, one of a kind sheet glasses are perfect for all your restoration needs.
They vary from lite distortion to heavily seeded distortion and are actual replacements for glass manufactured in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.
Item numbers include CG104, CG105, CG107, CG110, CG120, CG123, CG125, KR8001, SM01 and CQ00.
Where only the finest quality glass will do, Saint Just is the only choice!
Our Products
textured glass
textured glass
textured glass
textured glass
Choose from a number of textures to add dimensions to your project or restoration, from intricate florals, lattices and waves to contemporary reeded panes.
We also carry classic seeded glass and restoration glass to replace busted panes and repair a window of a period style home.
We offer decorative glass in several colors.
Find vintage inspired tints of light peridot and deep emerald greens, light brown chestnuts, rose quartz pinks and blue hues like lapis and dark sapphires.